Slow down, destress and immerse yourself in traditional yoga

Rediscover your natural way of being

Join a Ravi Yoga retreat and immerse yourself in traditional yoga to destress and bring you back to your natural state of peace and happiness. 

Why join a Ravi Yoga retreat?

Sometimes in life we can get a bit stuck. We repeat the same cycles of work, home and social life, week after week, month after month. After a while we might pause, take a step back and realise something’s missing. That our energy needs to change. 

Or, we might lead a very busy life with a hectic work or travel schedule. We rush around, barely having time to stop and breathe, let alone check in with ourselves about how we’re doing or feeling. We know we need to slow down or take time out to avoid burnout but we can’t seem to create the space we need.     

Just as when we go out for a walk, we can often feel freer, clearer and more creative, going on retreat can have the same effect but on a bigger scale. We can create that shift in energy we need and it can have lasting effects on our life. 

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge of traditional yoga or you just need to slow down, unplug and destress, coming on a Ravi Yoga retreat could be just what you need.  

You made me feel so welcome and safe...

"My body arrived home safely, my mind is still in the mountains! Thank you both so much for a wonderful few days. As well as being my first retreat, that's the first time I've been on holiday by myself and you made me feel so welcome and safe. And now I'm totally hooked, so bring on Bali!"

Shona (Andalusia)

Ravi Yoga Retreats
Ravi Yoga Retreats

Authentic yoga

Ravi will share his years of experience of teaching Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga to create a holistic practice, bringing harmony to body and mind, leaving you feeling energised and with more clarity.

Building a foundation

Joining a retreat can be one of the best ways to build a solid foundation for your yoga practice. Many of our previous participants say that it’s really helped them to form the habit of a daily personal practice. And, of course, this doesn’t only apply to asana practice. Being on retreat is such a wonderful opportunity to go beyond the asana and learn about traditional Indian yoga, philosophy, pranayama and mantra too.

Creating connection

One of the great things about retreats is the sense of community they create and this is why Ravi loves holding retreats, which are designed to combine a holiday with yoga. People may arrive as strangers but leave as friends. Ravi Yoga retreats always include laughing, dancing, enjoying yoga, enjoying food and spreading the love!

Such a calm and reviving environment...

"I can't thank you enough for this last week! I thought I needed to 'retreat' and to hide away, but in actual fact what was healing was the connections I made – with others, with my own body/mind and with nature. Your retreat enabled all of this to happen. I'm so grateful for the sensitivity, lightness and fun that we shared. It was such a wonderful calm and reviving environment too. Ravi, your practice and teaching is really exceptional and I feel so lucky to have started my yoga journey with you. And Talita, you brought an extra magic to the holiday with your warmth and gentleness, as well as an incredible ability to organise and look after us all!"

Sarah (Kafalonia)

Ravi Yoga Retreats
Ravi Yoga Retreats

What to expect

Our retreats are hosted in beautiful places. We only choose locations that we personally love and have something very special about them. 

We often include specialised workshops in addition to the daily yoga schedule, for example Meditation for Stress Relief, Mantra Meditation or Ayurveda.  

The food is healthy and delicious, with vegetarian and plant-based meals. We always include a taste of the local cuisine and each retreat has an Indian night featuring Ravi's famous home cooking! There’s always plenty of time for relaxation and activities, such as swimming, massages or just chilling out. We often include excursions and sightseeing trips too. 

Sample schedule


  • Pranayama practice
  • Dynamic yoga class, focused on connecting breath with movement, working on flexibility, balance and strength
  • Brunch


  • Free time 
  • Late afternoon yoga, meditation or pranayama class
  • Sessions on mantras, mudras, bandhas or yoga philosophy
  • Relax and refresh before dinner

Don't just take our word for it...

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So magical and transformative...

"Thank you so much! It was so magical and transformative. Every Ravi Yoga Retreat is an experience that changes me and helps me to not only be better at the yoga poses, but also to be a better human being."


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