What is yoga?

Yoga is a practice for bringing balance into your body and mind.

Yoga is not only a physical exercise. It has many benefits for our mental, emotional and spiritual health too. It involves the physical practice of yoga postures called asanas, and breathing exercises called pranayama. Yoga also includes meditation, self-enquiry and the study of yoga philosophy.  In the West, yoga often focuses mostly on the poses. This is a great place to start, but there's a lot more to yoga than just the physical aspect. Find out more about yoga here.

Do I need any experience to join your classes?

You don’t need any experience with yoga to start our classes. Ravi teaches students of all levels, so you're welcome to join as a beginner. Please do let him know prior to the class that you’re new to yoga, so he's aware and can give you some guidance.

Ravi adapts his classes to the levels of students in the room, however for the Friday 6pm Ashtanga class, some previous experience with yoga is recommended, as this is a stronger practice with a set sequence of asanas.

Do I have to be flexible to join your yoga classes?

It’s a misconception that you have to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga is for everyone, at any age or level of fitness. You'll find that you may become more flexible by practising yoga regularly, but it’s not the goal of yoga.

Where do you offer yoga classes?

Ravi teaches 3 weekly classes at the ETNA Centre in the Richmond area (East Twickenham/St Margarets), a weekly class at Bhuti at the Bingham Riverhouse in Richmond and several online classes. You can find information on all the classes here

He also hosts regular Saturday workshops at Globe House Yoga in London Bridge, plus you can find him at several yoga festivals, such as the OM Yoga Show and World Yoga Festival. You can find all the events here.

What is the ETNA Centre?

The ETNA Centre is a newly renovated community centre in East Twickenham/St Margarets, in the Richmond area of London. Ravi teaches 3 weekly classes in the bright and spacious Attenborough Hall. We have a great group of regular students coming to these classes and always welcome new people. We have yoga mats, bricks and belts at the centre, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

ETNA Centre
13 Roslyn Road
London, TW1 2AR

Can I park at the ETNA Centre?

Yes, there is free parking available behind the ETNA Centre for visitors of activities at the centre. The entrance to the parking is on Riverdale Road (just off the corner with Roslyn Road). 

Do you offer online yoga classes?

Yes, Ravi teaches 2 live online classes every week and has a large library of on-demand video classes too.

What's the difference between online classes and on-demand video classes?

Online classes are live classes over Zoom at scheduled times.

On-demand videos are pre-recorded videos that you can watch any time. 

How do I book a class?

To book a class at the ETNA Centre or Ravi’s online classes, you'll need to set up a profile on Momoyoga. You'll receive an email to confirm your registration and, once this is done, you can book the class of your choice, buy a class pack or membership.

If you're experiencing any issues with registering or booking onto a class, please email us at namaste@ravi.yoga so we can assist you with the process.

For classes at the Bingham Riverhouse, please book directly with Bhuti.

For Saturday workshops, check the events calendar.

How do I receive my Zoom link for online classes?

When you're booked in for an online class, the system automatically sends an email 35 mins before the class with the Zoom link.

If you book within 35 mins before the start of the class, you may not receive an email with the Zoom link, but you'll be able to see the login details in the booking section of your Momoyoga account.

The Zoom room will open 5 mins before the class starts.

What if I don’t receive the login details for an online class?

On the rare occasion that you don’t receive an email with the Zoom details, please go into your class booking in your Momoyoga account, as the login information is also visible there.

In case of any issues, please text us on 07814991035 or email namaste@ravi.yoga

How does the Zoom class work?

When you click on the Zoom link in the email, you’ll be taken to a virtual ‘waiting room’ and Ravi will let you in as soon as he's ready. Before the class, you'll be able to chat with him and ask any questions you may have. Once the class starts, Ravi will mute the audio of all participants to avoid sound interference (you can unmute yourself again after the class ends).

To have the best view, you can ‘pin’ Ravi’s image: click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of his image on your screen, and you'll find the ‘pin’ option. This setting will ensure you only see Ravi and not the other participants. If you have any questions after the class, you can unmute yourself so Ravi will be able to hear you.

Can I still join the online class if I’m a few minutes late?

We'll never turn anyone away from a class for being late, however, Ravi needs to let each person into the Zoom room from his laptop. Classes start promptly, so joining late is quite disruptive to the class and you may have to wait a moment until he can let you in. The Zoom room opens 5 mins before the start of the class and it’s much appreciated if you can be on time.

If I miss an online class, can you send me the recording?

We don't record our Zoom classes, as the quality of the image and sound is not always great.

Instead, Ravi has a library of over 60 pre-recorded video classes that you can practise with at home. With our different memberships you can have access to both live and on-demand classes.

What equipment do I need to do the online yoga classes at home?

You don’t need much equipment. You can follow the classes from your phone, laptop or tablet. A good yoga mat is nice to have and a yoga brick or block can be helpful, if you have one. You can keep a small blanket or cushion nearby for some extra comfort if needed.

What happens to my class pass or membership if Ravi is away on retreat?

If Ravi is away on retreat or travels, or multiple classes are cancelled for any other reason, your membership or class card will be extended with the time that Ravi is away or classes are cancelled. If you have any questions about this, please email us at namaste@ravi.yoga.

Do you offer one-to-one classes?

Yes, Ravi teaches private classes, in-person in London and online. For more information, visit the Private Classes page. 

Do you have any free yoga videos I can try?

Yes, you can find a sample class on the Membership page, plus further yoga and pranayama videos on Ravi’s YouTube channel.

Do you offer yoga retreats?

Yes, we offer multiple retreats per year, from weekend retreats in the UK to longer retreats in various destinations across Europe and Asia. You can find more about our retreats here.

Do you offer yoga teacher training?

At the moment we do not offer teacher training, but we will start to offer 200hr teacher trainings from 2024 or 2025. If you're interested in joining a teacher training in the future, you can sign up to our email list to receive news on any upcoming trainings. 

Can I book Ravi for a workshop at my yoga studio or festival?

Yes, Ravi is a regular guest teacher at various yoga studios and at festivals such as Wanderlust, World Yoga Festival, Mind Body Spirit, the OM Yoga Show, Dublin Yoga & Vegan Festival, Embodiment Conference and many more.

If you'd like to book Ravi for a session or workshop, please email us at namaste@ravi.yoga.

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