“I was taught by Ravi for several years at a retreat in India. Ravi is a genuine gem. He teaches with authenticity and intuition. His deep knowledge of yoga guarantees you are in safe hands and his smile is infectious. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Cebby – London, UK



“I really enjoyed learning yoga from Ravi. As a beginner, I appreciated his pedagogical way of teaching – it was never difficult to follow and there was always alternatives depending on which yoga level you practice. He carefully takes you through the mentality of yoga, while also having a sense of humour. Having grown up in India, Ravi takes you through the REAL yoga experience.”

Therese – Copenhagen, Denmark



“I took Ravi’s meditation, yoga and pranayama classes in India and I recommend doing practice with him if you ever have a chance! Ravi is warm and friendly, he always makes you feel welcome. Ravi’s classes are suitable for everyone whether you are beginner or advanced. Atmosphere in classes I attended was peaceful, you can go through your practice at your own level and pace. I think Ravi is amazing teacher, he is very calm and professional. Even in group glasses he gave lots of personal guidance with asanas and breathing techniques. If I ever have a chance to attend Ravi’s class again I would love to do that.”

Mari – Turku, Finland



“Ravi is a kind and knowledgeable yoga teacher. His classes are a nice balance of breath awareness and physicality. He touches on yoga philosophy and weaves these lessons nicely with the asana and pranayama practice. He is sensitive to the needs and level of the individuals in class and varies the class content in order to work at the appropriate level. He is humble in his teachings and curious in meeting new people and balances this nicely with his teachings so that his students feel comfortable and welcome. A very nice class for all levels.”

Risa – Malmo, Sweden



“The yoga is quite different from what we are used to in the West but it was a refreshing change and also made me see things very differently. I am also a yoga teacher and since I got back I have been adopting quite a few things we did. Ravi is one in a million.”

Maria K.