About Ravi Dixit

Ravi Dixit knows the benefits of yoga like no other, growing up in India where yoga is a part of daily life and considered essential for maintaining health and happiness.

Ravi’s Passion

“Yoga is not about the perfect pose, it’s about reconnecting with yourself and finding harmony between you and you. This will bring peace and health to your body and mind.”

Since yoga has become mainstream in the West, more and more people are experiencing the benefits of this powerful practice. However, some of the principles of the original teachings have gotten lost in modern yoga. In his work as a teacher, Ravi is passionate to bring back the essence of yoga, making the principles and values of traditional Indian yoga approachable for everyone. As a modern yogi living in London, he understands the challenges of daily western life and can guide you to feel balanced in a busy world.

Ravi ‘the smiling Yogi’ was born in India into a family of spiritual teachers and from a young age he grew up with a yoga practice as part of his daily life. In his early twenties he lived at several Ashrams in Rishikesh, where he studied Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The years following, Ravi worked as the resident teacher at one of the top retreats in Goa, where he led classes for thousands of students from all over the world.
In 2017 he moved to London and quickly became one of the city’s most sought after traditional yoga teachers. During his time in London, he teaches for studios and brands such as Wanderlust, Bamford, bhuti and the OM Yoga Show, as well as staying committed to his community classes. He also does private tuition for a range of clients in business, wellness, the entertainment and fashion industry. In 2019 he created ‘Ravi Yoga Goa’ a boutique Yoga retreat on a quiet beach in South Goa.

One evening in November 2020, his life was turned upside down when he was critically injured in a road accident and spent over a month in Intensive Care on a ventilator. By God’s grace and miracles he survived and Ravi is extremely grateful he was given a second life. He feels that the power of yoga played an essential part in his survival and recovery.

Yoga with Ravi

Ravi is an experienced teacher with a friendly teaching style, suitable for both beginners and advanced. He combines asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) meditation and mantras in an accessible and playful way. Classes are suitable for all levels and have a focus on connecting breath with movement to bring harmony to body and mind. You can attend his group classes online on Zoom and in Richmond, West London. Private classes are also available both online and in person. For more information, have a look at the Yoga Classes or Private Classes pages.

Specialisations: Traditional Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Beginners Yoga, Senior Yoga, Yoga for injury/illness recovery, Stress and anxiety relief, Ayurvedic lifestyle.