Private Classes

Create a personal practice and deepen your understanding of yoga

Why book a private yoga class?

Having a regular yoga practice can help you to feel balanced, but group classes aren’t always ideal for everyone. Learning one-to-one is the way yoga is traditionally taught in India. 

In a private class with Ravi he’ll tailor each session to your own unique capabilities, with attention to your personal needs and goals. Following the true principles of yoga, he’ll guide you to create a personal practice and deepen your understanding of yoga. You’ll not only gain physical benefits, but mental and emotional benefits too.

A private class can be arranged at the most suitable time for you. So, if the timing or location of Ravi’s group classes don’t fit with your busy schedule, why not book a private session instead.  

A private class can help you:

  • Learn the basics and fundamentals of yoga at your own pace.
  • Develop sequences for self-practice, help with alignment or specific asanas.
  • Create a healthy habit of daily yoga practice.
  • Get support for injury or illness recovery, or for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Work on longer term goals for a stronger body and calmer mind.
  • Deepen your pranayama or meditation practice.
  • Learn more about the origin and principles of yoga and the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

An excellent, kind & sensitive teacher..

"Over the past 2 years, my yoga sessions with Ravi have inspired me, nurtured me, strengthened me and given me a deeper connection to myself (both physically and mentally) than I could ever have imagined possible. He is an excellent, kind and sensitive teacher!" 


Ravi’s specialisms

Over the years, Ravi’s been working with a range of clients in business, wellness, the entertainment and fashion industries to develop a sustainable regular yoga practice tailored to each individual.

Ravi’s specialisms include:

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Advanced Yoga
  • Beginners Yoga
  • Senior Yoga
  • Yoga for injury/illness recovery
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle
  • Yoga philosophy

Prices: in-person

Private classes are usually 1 hour, but longer sessions can be discussed.

At Ravi's home


In Richmond, London

At your home


In/nearby Richmond/West London*

At ETNA Centre


Includes £20 private room rental

*An additional travel charge may apply to other areas in London, depending on location/postcode – please enquire for rates.

Prices: online

Private classes are usually 1 hour, but longer sessions can be discussed.

Single session


First session only £50!

Block of 5 sessions


Valid for 2 months (£55/session)

Block of 10 sessions


Valid for 4 months (£50/session)

Book a private class

Ravi will work with you at a time of your choice, either online or in-person, to focus on the unique requirements of your body and mind and progress at your own pace. Please send us an email to discuss your personal requirements: Or fill in the form below:

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